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Red Card – to the Children’s Abandonment!

Sports have become a mean of social adaptation of children all over the world.  Bringing children and youth from the poor and crisis families to soccer sometimes becomes the first step in their social adaptation process. Soccer, viewed as a social tool, has a very valuable character – it erases communication barriers between people.

Since 2008 “The Way Home” Charity Fund is holding a project called “Red card – to the Children’s Abandonment”, aiming to invite children and youth from the poor, crisis and IDP families to soccer. The Fund soccer team has boys and girls playing together, it develops tolerance and trust, team spirit and the will to win among the children. Despite being a very good physical training, soccer plays the role of the communicational training role to all the participants. Inviting the children to the soccer, we are opening the chance for the further development in the society – the final aim of which for these children – is to have a good education and get a decent job.  Being a part of the football team, children from difficult families get to know the other projects of the “The Way Home” Fund – from art therapy to the variety of educational programs of the centers of the Fund. The team of the soccer project consists not only of the soccer trainers, but also of the social workers, psychologists, pedagogues and other specialists. This allows us to implement the complex approach with many directions of work of the social adaptation of the children.

By clicking the “Donate” button, you are not only supporting the Fund team, but sharing the warmth of your heart and care for those who are in need.

For the persistent functioning of the soccer team we need to be supplied with the football boots and the playground for the autumn-winter periods – during warm seasons they take place outside, at the open field of the “Spartak” stadium. It is very difficult for the team to sustain the smooth functioning by ourselves, that’s why we are finding ourselves in a constant search for the partners, who are willing to help those who are in need. We would be grateful for help of any possible value or services. Also, monetary help can also be forwarded to us as a support to buy shoes and pay the rent of the winter playground.  From our side we are providing the full financial report on the money spent on the project.




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