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Sport for the children!
Цель для этой кампании 1000000 UAH
1.02% Пожертвовано/1000000 UAH Цель

Vitaliy Gilevich, an athlete and radio host, invites everyone to play sports and participate in charity! Anyone can join the open training sessions by Vitaliy Gilevich, for which donate will be transferred to the charitable foundation «Way Home». We propose to combine our efforts to help children and adolescents who find themselves in difficult life circumstances!

The goal of our charity project is to collect one million hryvnas on June 1, 2020, for which food products, household chemicals and personal hygiene products will be purchased for children from crisis and dysfunctional families undergoing social rehabilitation in the «Big Family» center of the Odessa Charitable Foundation «Way Home». We offer you to unite to solve social problems and help us draw public attention to the problems and difficulties of children and adolescents who are in difficult life circumstances.

10218 hryvnia in the piggy bank of the project as of Monday, July 1!

We invite everyone to become our partner and ally in supporting children from disadvantaged families, joining our social project» «Sport for the children!». You will not only take part in charity, but also improve your fitness under the guidance of excellent coaches! Vitaliy Gilevich: «I have long wanted to add a charitable component to my open training, which I do for free. Payment of all open workouts will be in the form of voluntary contributions, for example, from 50 UAH. This is not a payment for training or a salary for a coach — this is a contribution to a good deed. You will definitely improve your physical fitness and take part in charity!».

Take part in charity and improve your fitness!

We adhere to the principles of strict accountability and transparency, so we will report on the website and on social networks for every hryvnia spent in front of everyone who supported our social project «Sport for the children!».

We call for action. We appeal for the support of all caring people. We propose to combine our efforts to assist children and adolescents in difficult life circumstances!


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