HIV/AIDS Prevention

HIV/AIDS Prevention HIV/AIDS Prevention
Drug dependency – is a complex disease that manifests in the pathological addiction to the narcotic substances. The disease has a long history and is quite difficult...
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Virus Hepatitis – a quite widely spread and dangerous type of inflectional disease. Hepatitis A is the most widely spread type, hepatitis B and C are spread...
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Yearly March 24 under the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) is marked as a Day of tuberculosis prevention: on this day in 1882 the German...
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What is it? HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) is a slowly regressing virus disease which effects the immune system and leads to the lack of the immune defense...
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According to the data from ICF “Alliance for Public Health” there are 300 000 injecting drug users in Ukraine. The number of people experienced overdose stays unknown as well...
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