Social work with children

Social work with children Social work with children
It is not a secret that children and adolescents who are in difficult life situations, that are left without care, attention and...
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Since the beginning of military actions in Ukraine, Odessa has become one of those cities that have taken upon itself a large...
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While the last seven years, the Foundation “Way Home” organize for the children a vacation to the summer camp. When the tourist...
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Many families where there are social or medical problems cannot afford to pay for the services of kindergartens or private nannies. In...
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Children and teenagers get in the repair for children “Big Family” in different ways: somebody is found in the street, someone comes...
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In October 2008, the football project “Red Card to Child Neglect” in “The Way Home” Odessa Charity Fund was started. The children’s...
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The idea of this Center originated during the work of “The Way Home” Fund with families in crisis. Many families having financial...
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The center of health and social care “Be Healthy” at the Regional Children’s Dermatological and Venereal Hospital accepts children from socially disadvantaged...
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You can boldly say that the service of “Social Patrol” is a unique phenomenon. From year to year the personnel of this...
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