600 km biking ride to the “Way Home”

Nick Messy (England) and Sergo Khalatyan (Georgia) have passed 600 kilometers biking in order to forward the attention of the European society to the problems of the IDPs of Ukraine.

The final point of the path of the activists was Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home”, which is being at the social service of the children and youth in difficult life situation for many years and for a few last years – at the social help of the IDP from the military areas of Ukraine (Donetsk and Lugansk regions).

After arriving to the “Way Home” Nick and Sergo got to know the Fund from the inside and also attended a short concert that the children prepared for the special guests.
after the concert Nick was talking to the children, who were so exited to ask numerous questions to him. After the meeting the children presented the guests their handmade pottery gifts.

Nick had forwarded the money that he had collected for the IDP children (applying to the justgiving croudfunding platform),while preparing to come to the “Way Home” by bike.
The collected money will be forwarded to the “Sprout” Center for the IDP children and families.


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