A Brother and a Sister

Tigran was born in Poland in the city of Vrotslav. Three years later his sister Rimma was born in Yerevan. Their family lived very difficult life. Although their father did his best to feed the familystill his earnings were not enough. The mother wanted to go alone to some other city for earnings – but the father was worried to let her away alone and she had to stay Due to the financial situation in their home town Yerevan, the family decided to leave home and move to their grandmother’s place in Ukraine , Kirovigrad region. But the relations with the grandmother were not well.  There were scandals every day and one day the family was told to leave the house. The father had rented the apartment and left to Odessa for earnings.

The mother could not work and cope with children alone, so she had to leave to her mother’s place. She had left the children there and went to some city to work. Tigran, who was 5 years old, and Rimma, 2 started living with their grandmother, who taught them music. Still they were missing parents, every day looked to the window to see if dad or mom is coming home. The mother never showed up. The grandmother had no contact with her and could not find her. The father could not take his children to Odessa, because he had just started a new job, meet a new woman and  married her. Children lived with their grandmother, but were visiting father in Odessa during summer time. After a while the father took the children to Odessa, where they happily lived with the stepmother. But then he had lost a job and his new wife left him because of his financial state. The father then could not effort to pay the rent for their apartment.  Children were supporting the father as best as they could, they even wanted to drop the school and start working, but the father said that, as every child, they have to have education first.

The children had agreed to move to the residential children’s center, but the governmental  social organizations, who knew the children had proposed them to apply to “The Way Home” Center where there is a residence for the children from the families in difficult conditions.
At the beginning, Tigran and Rimma were very closed and suspicious, but later became friends with the other children living in the residence. They started going to school, Rimma also went to the dance classes and Tigran – to boxing. Once someone heard how Rimma is singing and decided to give her a better voice education – now she attends classes of vocal and participates in concerts of the Center and as well as on Odessa city cultural events. Apart from boxing, Tigran is going to football, where he’s got many good friends. He had participated in the country soccer championships but now he decided to focus on his passion – boxing. Rimma and Tigran and happy that they can stay at “The Way Home”, the new opportunities had opened for them here. They have common dreams: to have good education, to attain the good job and to see the world. They want to have their own families with the atmosphere of peace and harmony.

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