A Schoolboy!

Sasha was brought to the early development center “Sunrise” in 2015. From the first sight, he seemed very shy and isolated. As time passed, he became more active and communicative, but still had really low marks at the pre-school. He did not want to sit during the classes, never listened to the teachers, and could not memories things. Also, Sasha had problems with speech. He did not want to learn to eat by himself, was always the last one to finish eating. But the other small children from the “Sunrise” always kept supporting him, – they even started eating slower so that he could manage to eat all of his meal as well. Everything went well until he started having problems in his family. The boy started suffering from the divorce of the parents – he became very aggressive to the other children and also was impolite to the teachers. He could fight with the children, even the girls, call them with bad words etc. He stopped all the learning and refused even to play the games. Then he started refusing walks and even food. If he ever draws something during that period – it was something dark and sad. Nevertheless, the stuff of the Center always was there to support the boy; the teachers and the psychologists were assisting him. Gradually his state normalized and one could see the positive changes in his memory and speech; he started to get interested by the lessons and the tasks of the teachers. Sasha went through the separate lessons to eat by himself, to get dressed, to put the shoed on. Sasha started being more independent in these tasks and even started helping other children when they had troubles.

Thanks to the common efforts of the specialists of the Center, Sasha could really change. His drawings, his attitude and his mood show this. Now his speech is clear, he has many friends at the Center; he cares for others and helps the children a lot. One of Sasha’s friends, Vitya, is 2 years younger than him. Sasha takes so much care for him, that he is very sad and worried, when Vitya cannot come to the Center.

Sasha is trying to hold the teachers, when the new children come to the “Sunrise”. He takes a responsibility to make an excursion on the Center for the new children, shows them where all the toys are, describes them the rules.

Last September Sasha became a schoolboy – he went to the first grade. He was preparing for school and took it very seriously. He learned the alphabet, the numbers, started the Basic English and got to know many poems and songs. Sasha understands that he is much older than many of the children at the “Sunrise. That makes him be helpful to the others – he is helping them to learn to draw and write. Everyone likes Sasha here, and no one wanted him to leave the pre-school center. But he said that he will be coming back here sometimes. And also he promised to have only good marks at school!

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