A Story of the twins

For some people the miracle – is something outstanding and unreal. Something that can never happen in the ordinary life. But for others the miracle is somebody’s  smile, a simple kind word or action.  No need to take a rabbit from the hat or walk through the walls. It is possible to give help to the person next to you by a simple support or advise.

Andrey and Natasha are twins. It was in April 2015 when the father of children was helpless. He worked at the market and could not cope with the babies alone during the daytime. Some good people advised him the “Smile” Center of early development. Where he came and brought the children.  From the beginning the teachers have noticed that the children had dispersed and weak attention. They could not concentrate and did not know the simple rules of behavior. Firstly, they were apart from the rest of children. The specialists started investigating the family situation. It became clear that the mother of the children was not taking care of tem at all, was forgetting to feed them even, not to speak about any educational activities of games. She was never at home, sometimes escaping for a few days – so that the husband had to look for her everywhere after his job. Children were at home, dirty and hungry They were constantly crying so that the neighbors had to call police. Then the parents decided to divorce and the mother immediately refused to take children, escaped from the house with all the money that were collected for the children. It was a hard time for the working  father to take care of the children alone. While being in the “Smile” Center children started being more open. It was a big work of the specialists of the center to give the children their lost childhood back. They are identical twins but have a very different character. The boy of more independent and stubborn, and the girl is constantly in need of the attention. But the brother is defending and caring for the sister constantly. They are always staying close to each other and share everything they have. They like drawing, attending the pottery class – they even made a clay horse for their father.  The teachers make the best to improve the speech condition of the kids, and make them cry less. Each specialist had put a part of himself into this big work of implementing speaking, counting and life skills to the children.
While the children are in the Center, the father is improving his life situation, he has a better job and a woman who loves his and his children.

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