A visit to Auchan

Pupils of Children’s Center of OCF “Way Home” were on excursion in hypermarket Auchan, where they participated in a master class referring to Easter holiday.
Friendship and partnership between Children’s Center of OCF “Way Home” and hypermarket Auchan continues for a long time. Auchan staff repeatedly came to visit children, took part in various celebrations and hand-made classes, brought gifts and souvenirs. On the Easter eve, 27th of April, pupils of “Way Home” returned a visit to Auchan.

For children was organized an excursion of all hypermarket sections. Children visited Auchan “behind the scene” – saw how the store functions, store and prepare the food for the café, met with specialists that work in shop. Then they show children how to make sushi and pizza – and then, near the stove, children were invited to taste pizza. Of course, no one refused to taste it, so a few minutes later, no trace of pizza was left.
Possible to say that the visit of children from “Way Home” to Auchan was not a simple excursion. Also, children were invited to Auchan bakery, where after reviewing the technology of preparation of bakery products, pupils of the Foundation had the opportunity to decorate Easter cakes that were baked before children coming. Children were divided according to the tables where they put a hard sauce for cake and then decorate it and colored with powder.
While hard sauce was drying out on Easter cake, children, jointly with the staff of Auchan hypermarket gathered in a large hall where mentor of the foundation, and part-time specialist of hand-made arts, Olga Yakovleva held a master class of decorating of Easter eggs that children brought with them. During the master classes, participants colorfully decorated two trays of eggs, that later were gifted to Auchan.
Whereas, Auchan employees prepared gifts for children – shampoos, soaps and much more. In general, a visit to Auchan turned to a cognitive process – they got acquainted with the inner work of the hypermarket, talked with specialists that told about their work.
After a visit to a hypermarket, children could not hide their emotions:
Zhenya, 14 years: I first visited in such a huge supermarket. It was very interesting, especially when we were taken to premises where are stored and prepared food.
Orhan, 13 years old: It was for the second time that I come to Auchan, and I really like this place. I saw how they bake bread; make salads and pizza, there are a lot of interesting devices that facilitate the work of employees.
Mariam, 16 years old: I really enjoyed decorating Easter cakes. I didn’t engage with such things before – it is found out to be so cool! And during the master class, jointly with Auchan staff we decorated eggs.
Maxim, 12 years old: We had a very good time. Thanks to everyone’s time, for pizza and that showed us the working premises. It was much fun!
Vika, 14 years old: I liked much to visit Auchan and loved everything we were doing there! There every employee clearly knows what their tasks and duties are. Thanks to Auchan for those gifts that they gave us and now, we are waiting them to visit “Way Home”!

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