About directions and resources

One of the important directions of work of “The way Home” is dedicated to providing technical, counseling and organizational support as well as informational support on the HIV. Our input into this allows to increase the level of HIV-prevention service provided by the official governmental organizations, state institutions and initiative groups working in the fields of HIV/AIDS.
The Fund has the developed infrastructure, material base and equipment. It is actively functioning in the 4 administrational regions: Odessa region, Kirovograd region, Nikolaev region and Herson region. The stuff of the Fund is highly experienced in informational work, providing technicaleading trainings, seminars, round tables and other informational and educational events among different target groups as well as a good experience in writing the necessary work reports.

Technical base for the work consists of:

  • The equipped trainings hall,
  • Modern office,
  • Organizational equipment (PCs, Laptops, LCD-projector for multimedia presentations, printer/scanner, digital camera, flipcharts, portative screens for presentations).

Since 2010 the technical support is being held within 4 main categories of work:

  • Providing technical, counseling, organizational and informational support to the state and community organizations – by providing space for different events (meetings, trainings, round tables, presentations, etc);
  • Counseling on the questions of finding sponsors, interacting with people in power, writing the community petitions. Providing informational materials, library on the topic, databases, internet facilities and the possibility to copy the documents.
  • Promotion of the professional growth of the specialists of the governmental institutions, social organizations and initiative groups, working in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention, organizing and leading the trainee programs and trainings for the NGO and the members of the initiation groups; organizing and leading trainings for the pharmacists and psychologists of the HIV-service organizations: organizing and leading 3-days trainings on the actual topics.
  • Informing the specialists on the existing services, innovative approaches, methods of work, most effective approaches to the clients and other experiences within the national and regional HIV/AIDS prevention organizations. Within this work we also collect the information from the regions, support the interaction with the stakeholders and partners, uploading the recent information on the website of the Fund; working with media, sending direct mail, press-releases and announces.
  • Building the effective interrelations between different governmental and non-governmental organizations in the field in order to make the access to the services easier and wider. We are organizing and leading cross-organizational work meetings, round tables, seminars, and instructions and meetings-upon-request, including the help in organizing regional initiative groups.

A further detailed information on the informational and technical support can be provided on the phone: 038 (048) 717-31-38.


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