The mission of the Foundation is to help people faced with difficult life circumstances, especially children, to overcome hardships and gain access to the opportunities provided by society.

History of the Foundation

In 1996, the increase in social problems prompted a group of enthusiasts to organize. The Way Home Foundation began its work by providing help to homeless people and street children in Odessa. Soon the Foundation became well known in the city for his projects: crisis center, shelter, social patrol, social enterprise, legal and medical assistance, street press …

The situation with people using drugs in the region worthened, and HIV / AIDS was becoming an epidemic. This was the next challenge. For its successful work with HIV-infected street teenagers, Way Home Foundation has been awarded by Crystal Hope Award on Life Ball in Vienna.

After the government took over the main work with the homeless, the Way Home Foundation focused its efforts on providing comprehensive services for socially vulnerable families and children, prevention of domestic violence and social maladjustment. Over the years many projects were created, experiences accumulated and now, every day a strong team of professionals is giving their expertise, efforts and hearts to helping those who need it most. The Fund’s practices are noted in the UNICEF and UNAIDS reports. Volunteers and journalists visit the Foundation from all over the world.

Over the years, thanks to our programs, thousands of children and adults have changed their lives for the better.

Our values ​​and principles:

  • People and their rights are the main value that we protect!
  • Independence. The work of the Foundation does not depend on the interests of any outside influences and organizations.
  • Trustworthiness and openness. Our work is transparentl and accountable, and we are always ready for dialogue and cooperation.
  • Voluntariness. Freedom of action is an undeniable right.
  • Tolerance and equality.
  • A system approach to solving the problems of our clients.
  • High quality service and professionalism.
  • Everyone can find their way home! Each person has ability and resources for change and development.

Work of the Foundation

Children and family

Projects on early development, education, rehabilitation and social adaptation of children and adolescents from vulnerable families, including IDPs, street children, as well as assistance to their parents.

In the Foundation’s seven Centers experienced specialists work with children of different ages, and help them overcome their trauma, gaps in education, help to develop their abilities, socialize and provide opportunities for self-realization, a happy and healthy life. About 700 children a year have access to various services provided by the Foundation. Up to 30 children live in the “Big Family” Center on full support.

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Public health

The Foundation directs efforts on prevention and detection of HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis, and also implements the Harm Reduction Program among injecting drug users.

Informing, testing for infections, counseling, including on receiving substitution therapy, support during treatment, assistance in changing the behavior and lifestyle of representatives of risk groups, in coordination with medical institutions. The work is carried out not only in Odessa, but also in other towns of the region. Annually more than 13 thousand clients use services provided by the Foundation.

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Helping adults in crisis circumstances

The Foundation operates a Crisis Center for Women, where women can find shelter and assistance offered to them and their children.

The mobile family support service regularly provides assistance to families in crisis at their place of residence: support from specialists, in-kind assistance. Way Home also provides support to internally displaced families.

The foundation develops street soccer. The Ukrainian national team formed by Way Home from people in the Difficult Life Circumstances became the World Champion in 2009.

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