An official retraction

By the reasons that are unknown, Odessa Charity Fund “Way Home” happen to be included in the list of organizations, supporting (in written form) the Mayor of Odessa. This information became known in the frames of the court against the recent Mayor and his possible dismissing. The information was openly revealed by the advocate.

Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” is issuing here an official rebuttal.

For over 20 years Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” is being a leader of the social services in Odessa city and region, providing social services to the children and families n difficult life circumstances.

The Fund has always been OUT OF POLITICS.

This position of the organization had always been expressed clearly and remained the same.

The Fund is providing social services to the children and youth in difficult life circumstances, IDP families and children, working in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention among the risk groups of people. We are not engaged in politics. It has always been like that and will never change, whatever power comes.

The “Way Home” is a charity organization. Our only mission is: to help the children and adults in difficult life circumstances change their life for the best.


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