“AUCHAN” representatives visited children of the Fund

October 16, 2017, the staff of the “Auchan” supermarket visited the OCF “Way Home” children. The friendship between “Auchan” and the children of the Fund is going on for already two years. Children are visiting the supermarket, where they tend excursions and master-classes. The representatives of the store also come to visit the children at their residence.  

This time the children proposed the guests to take part in the groups and sections, that they usually attend within the Fund (the attendance of the groups are free not only for the children living at the Fund residential house, but for anyone coming and wishing to attend the classes).
The children and their guests from “Auchan” attended the pottery studio, baked their homemade ecological bread, worked at the handmade master-class and played the “Twister” game. At the end of the meeting, the guests promised to visit the children again, and the children thanked the guests for their time they shared and the presents.

Later the children shared their impressions.

Yaroslava, 10: “I love all the guests! We spent great time together, played and learned. It was fun! ”

Andrey, 9: “We played “Twister”, draw and made handmade things, also the guests were visiting the pottery class, but I could not attend”.

Jenya, 15: “We are always happy to see people from “Aushan”, they became our friends. I also like to visit the store, because every time we go there, we have nice excursions”.


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