Big Charity Fundraising

February 18. 2019, “Campus Odessa” creative space forwarded clothes and footwear to the children of the “Way Home”.

The big Charity fundraising project was taking place in the «Campus Odessa» during February. The clients and visitors of the creative space, as well as other people from the city could donate clothes and footwear to the children of the Foundation.

Mikhail Trostyatetski, the coordinator of the “Campus Odessa” visited the “Way Home and forwarded clothes, shoes, books and toys to the children:

“We are constantly trying to support those who are in need by organizing and leading charity events. We are glad that we are receiving larger support and response from people with each new event. The next fundraising is planned on the middle of may to collect goods the children might need during the summer vacations».

The children received the goods with gratitude and thanked “Campus Odessa” for their great support!

Dear friends, you are the examples of hope and charity for our children. Now they see that there are people in the world that do care for others, especially for the children and youth in need and crisis!

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