Caritas Cup-2019

The children’s soccer team of the Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” – “Brownie” is going to take part in the Ukrainian street soccer championship “Caritas Cup” already for the fourth time. The Cup is being organized for the children and youth living in difficult life situation.

This year the Cup will take place on June 1, which is also the International Children’s Day.

Taking part in the Caritas Cup is a real dream for the young soccer players of the “Way Home”, and it took them quite a few months to prepare for it. Soccer for these children is not only the favorite game, but also the tool to change their life for the best.  Soccer develops respect and trust, team-spirit and will power. Soccer games teach to adapt in the society, to strengthen health and, of course, to receive new experience.

The team of the “Way Home” is a constant participant of the Caritas Cup, although they never went to the play-off stage of the competition yet.

At the moment the team is playing a lot in order to prepare for the championship, having some training games with the teams of schools and universities of the city.

At the end of May, the “Way Home” soccer team will participate in the important charity soccer Cup in Yuzhny town with the teams of other shelters for the children of Odessa region.

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