CATS mural on Sofievskaya. 10

The wall of the “Way Home” center on Sofievskaya is now decorated with a cats mural, it already became known among people on the web.

Odessa is a city of cats, as everyone knows. One can easily meet all the variety of cats here!
Also, many people know that the “Way Home” has quite many cats and it has been like that for quite long.

Recently the new mural with a cats pyramid was painted on the wall of the Fund: many different cats are there to help the smallest kitty, hanging on the wall. Here is how we showed the mission of the Fund to the people^ to help the one in need.

The mural has already become famous on the net and social nets. People already describe the entrance of the “Way Home” as “Go where the cats are”!

Now the entrance of the Fund is even easier to find!

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