Let’s help families affected by the war!

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War-affected families in Ukraine need your support!

Immeasurable sorrow has come to our country. People lose their homes, their jobs, their health, their lives… Our enemy has no mercy. We have rallied and migrant and disadvantaged families in Odessa now receive humanitarian aid, food, shelter and opportunity to flee to European countries. There are more and more such families and we desperately need your financial support!

Odesa is a transport hub that meets thousands of Ukrainians from other regions every day. Many of them lost loved ones or their homes were destroyed. They need to be protected today from threats to their lives and poverty.

The Way Home Foundation provides targeted assistance to families affected by the war. We give transit shelter in social dormitories with full hot meals, day-care for children, food, clothing, everything necessary for departure, psychological, legal and informational assistance. We are also looking for apartments for longer term rentals for families staying here. Every day we take groups of migrants abroad. We also provide humanitarian aid to low-income families living in Odessa, food and drinking water to volunteers in the Odessa region.

These activities help families go through the most acute, crisis period of uncertainty and horror, to minimize the risks of PTSD. They get urgent assistance despite the destruction of existing humanitarian institutions. Families will save their lives, well-being and health, will recover faster and return to a normal life as soon as possible.

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