Make Vulnerable Kids in Odessa Smart, Happy and Healthy

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Preschoolers from vulnerable families attend our 3 Early Learning Centers in Odessa city. 

Your donation will help vulnerable families to get access to free daycare, nutrition and education for children and specialized support for their resilience. So 120 children of 2-7 years old per year will be able to get vital skills, overcome physical, social and cognitive lagging, love to learn and create, get mental well-being for their further success at school and society.

42% of preschoolers in Ukraine don`t attend kindergartens mainly because of lack of free places there, high poverty and the war conflict in country. That’s why 4 mln women are unemployed. Daycare and early education services is especially important to provide for vulnerable families, where children more often are neglected, abused, malnourished than in others.As result, they`re significantly stunted physically, socially and cognitively. It happens that parents are leaving children alone at home.

Children in our Early Learning Centers have high-quality care, nutrition, medical supervision, safety play zone and classes based on Montessori and other best approaches of early development. Positive parenting training, legal and psychological support are provided for their caregivers.

Vulnerable families’ welfare and resilience will increase, mothers will be able to get a job. Kids will prepare for school, improve health, emotional status, intellectual, speech, social abilities. It will eliminate social differences and maladaptation.

Researches shows, school success of children who were in preschool is 20% higher than those who weren’t, and for every $1 spent on early education, up to $17 are saved over time on costs for remedial education, health care, welfare, criminal justice.

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