Center «Be healthy»

DSC_3848The center of health and social care “Be Healthy” at the Regional Children’s Dermatological and Venereal Hospital accepts children from socially disadvantaged families, orphanages and repairs for children as well as street children having dermatovenereological diseases of varying severity level. Several years ago, the percentage of recovered patients was quite low – only a small number of teenagers had a full course of treatment and returned to their environment. Most of them voluntarily left the institutions just a few days after admission.

Target group: homeless and socially disadvantaged children in need of treatment of dermatological
and venereal infections and diseases

It was clear that the crisis teens required a reorganized course of treatment, and the fact is that such group of children needed a completely different approach. “The Way Home” Odessa Charity Fund jointly with the Childhood Foundation of Queen of Sweden created the Center for medical and social care “Be Healthy” on the basis of Odessa Regional Dermatological and Venereal Hospital. The results were not long in coming – the percentage of unauthorized escapes from the hospital among adolescents at risk decreased significantly; most of the children were fully treated and returned home or in public institutions being already healthy. Children and young people come to the Center in different ways. Someone gets with the help of “Social Patrol”, someone is brought by the juvenile police, a part of children is sent from orphanages and boarding schools, some of them come on their own, and somebody is brought by parents. Here, all the guys who are in difficult situation are provided not only with medical but also social assistance.
At the Center “Be Healthy”, in addition to the medical staff there is a psychologist, social workers, a teacher. Every teenager is paid attention to, thereby putting children off illegal leaving the Center. The guys take part in health-improving games, psychological trainings, individual and group interviews. Often the foster children from Centers “Bridge to Future” and “Miloserdie” come to the patients of the Center with small concerts. The establishment of the department of medical and social care at Children’s Hospital today is one of the necessary conditions to increase the effectiveness of preventive and therapeutic and recreation activities among children and adolescents at risk. During the treatment and preventive measures for these children, it is necessary to provide a flexible approach taking into account the nature and direction of the social factor, to provide medical and social assistance to families depending on the problems and needs. The personnel of the Center redirect families to organizations which provide the necessary assistance and support to people in crisis.

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