«Bridge to the Future» Center

Center “Bridge to the Future” gives children and adolescents from families in crisis the opportunity to attend additional courses in humanities and exact sciences, to engage in computer science, plastics and dance, art therapy and journalism. All this is completely free. The teachers and management of the Centre ask the children for only one thing – to attend clubs and to be careful. The most common problem of all the children is that their parents are unable to pay for lessons in developing hobby groups, to additionally hire tutors who can improve children’s knowledge and prepare for graduation or entrance exams. The center is located in close proximity to the repair for children “Big Family” – in the same yard. In the center there is a dining room, a recreation room, a computer room, a classroom, a gym, the room of psychologist. In the center there are teachers, social workers and educators. The target group of the Center for education and recreation “Bridge to Future” consists of children and teenagers who are prone to vagrancy and having problems with education.

Program of the Center:

Correctional programs:

Alignment School. The classes in humanities and exact sciences are conducted here. The school works in two directions. The first direction is the work with young people who lived in the street. Such children are provided with help to restore the gaps in education, and then are transferred to a regular school. The second direction is individual lessons with schoolchildren, students of secondary and higher education institutions. The teachers of the Alignment School work with children individually: someone needs help to do homework or prepare an abstract; somebody needs an extra lesson in foreign languages, history, or higher mathematics. Moreover, the teachers help with the preparation for testing or entrance exams in vocational school, technical school or college.

Class of computer. Nowadays it is difficult to find a good job without computer knowledge. There are many computer courses, but they are all paid for, and not everyone can afford them. In the Center “Bridge to Future” the children have a good opportunity to learn how to work with the computer for free. Here they are given basic knowledge of working with text applications as well as more complex elements of graphic editors such as Photoshop or CorelDRAW.

Hobby group of Journalism. The main objective of the program is to make adolescents familiar with the basics of journalism as well as to provide them with the opportunity for creative self-realization. There are two areas: photo studio and the department for those who want to work in different genres of journalism. The children make exhibitions of their photographs and decorate the walls of the Center premises, and their best written materials are printed in the newspaper “The Way Home” which is distributed in the streets.

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Rehabilitation programs:

Physical rehabilitation. First of all, the lessons in physical rehabilitation are important for adolescents with functional impairment due to drug use. These children have individual lessons according to specific programs – it all depends on the capabilities of the organism. Besides, common classes are conducted in groups of up to 7 people.

Lessons of football and table tennis. In the football team “Domovenok” both boys and girls are trained. Training’s are held twice a week; the team regularly participates in social and sports activities in different cities of Ukraine. Everybody who can just hold the racket and hit the ball go in for table tennis. Everything else depends on the willingness and patience.

Art Therapy:

Studio of plastic and pantomime. Dances and plastic help those who witnessed or became a victim of violence, particularly sexual. Dancing is very useful in the event when children cannot verbally express their feelings, but they can express them on the move. Dance lessons are held three times a week. Foster children of the Center together with the choreographer organize big concerts for holidays. Besides, children perform dances at various competitions as well as in repairs for children, boarding schools and vocational schools.

Applied Art. The program includes training in drawing, knitting, embroidery, work with applied materials, art painting. The most interesting and beautiful works are exhibited in a small museum of children’s crafts. In addition, the children are invited to charity exhibitions and auctions, where they can demonstrate and sell their crafts.

Pottery studio. Pottery classes contribute to psychological and social adaptation of children and adolescents who are in difficult life circumstances. Due to the work with clay children’s imagination develops more productively, teachers help children to reveal their creative potential. In addition to it, children not only can see the results of their work, but also can use it for their own purposes. For example to gift a modeled cup for family members or friends.


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