Center “Dawn”

rostock1Many families where there are social or medical problems cannot afford to pay for the services of kindergartens or private nannies. In order for the family to get out of the crisis situation, to solve problems with work, treatment, documentation, it needs time to walk up the chain of command and patience, which is extremely difficult in families where there are children; there is no one to children with, no one to pay attention to them, and play with. It is a vicious circle – a desperate situation that only gets worse for both adults and children. The reality is that the majority of parents in the most difficult moments of life lose their hearts, but the specialists of the Center help them to find a way out and to believe in themselves.

Target group is the Children’s Crafts Center ” Break of Dawn ” – children from 2 to 9 years old from crisis, addicted and HIV-vulnerable families.
The Center’s activities are not a substitute for the work of kindergartens. The purpose of “Break of Dawn” is to prevent mental and physical gaps in children from disadvantaged families where the child cannot receive basic care, attention and education that is necessary for the formation of an integrated personality. The assistance in dealing with crisis situations that arose in the family due to the influence of the negative lifestyle of parents and the creative development of the child’s personality.

The Center’s activities take into account the child’s needs in braining up, education and creative development; this is why interesting and educational activities and games, visiting the zoo, theaters, outside walks are organized. The personnel “Break of Dawn” pay significant attention to work with their parents. The psychological counseling to teach parents to contact with children are organized; lessons of the social care teacher with parents on children’s development and conflict-free solution of problem situations are conducted here. Through play children and parents can perceive the difficulties of life much easier; they learn to overcome obstacles and to find alternative solutions, to show flexibility and tolerance.

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