Center «Smile» Center «Smile»
Center «Smile»

Center «Smile»

Smile1The idea of this Center originated during the work of “The Way Home” Fund with families in crisis. Many families having financial problems cannot afford to pay for the services of kindergartens or private nannies. In order to find the solution to the problems with the work, treatment, documentation, time and strong nerves are needed for tiresome visits to different institutions. The question arises: whom to leave the child with for this period? It’s a vicious circle. The desperate situation will only get worse for both adults and children. The reality is that most parents are simply tired of this red tape and uncertainty, and they give up. Fortunately, the experts of the Center help them to find a way out and to believe in themselves.

Target group of the Children’s Crafts Center “Smile” is children from 2 to 9 years old from crisis, addicted and HIV-vulnerable families. The main objective of the Center: to help in solving the major problems that arose in the family due to the influence of negative lifestyle of parents. The Center also undertakes the creative development of the children’s personalities.

The Center’s activities takes into account the child’s needs for upbringing, education and creative development; interesting and educational activities and games, visits to the zoo, theaters, outdoor walks are organized for that purpose. The personnel of the Center pay attention to the work with their parents as well. Psychological counseling on how to search for a contact with a child are held, lessons of the social teacher with parents on child’s development and conflict-free resolution of problem situations are organized here. Through play children and parents can perceive the difficulties of life much easier; they learn to overcome obstacles and to find alternative solutions, to show flexibility and tolerance.

Center «Smile»

Center «Smile»

Center «Smile»

Center «Smile»


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