Center for Early Development and Creativity SMILE

Center SMILE is open to our youngest clients, from 2 to 8 years old, hence the attitude towards it is special. Often a family in difficulties cannot afford to pay for private kindergarten or nanny services. The queue for places in Odessa city public kindergartens does not give a chance either.

Often it takes a lot of time for parents to resolve issues with work, treatment or documents. And who will look after the kid? The situation is even worse, if a child has difficulties with development, speech, behavior.

The conditions in Smile Center are in the best interests of the children and guide them to become a full-fledged personalities. Kids participate in the interesting and informative activities and games, excursions, walks, eat well, mold from clay, learn English. Special equipment, toys and games, and a humanistic Montessori approach create a unique environment for development.

It is wonderful and joyful to observe how quickly kids who enter Smile Center as moody, closed-off, shy or hooligans, open up in time, reveal their talents and turn into bright “little sunshine”. The Foundation laid at this age of a positive and proactive attitude towards themselves and towards the world will affect their whole life.

The main goals of the Center: comprehensive development of the personality and abilities of preschoolers using the Montessori methodologies, psycho-correction, preparation for school, social adaptation, assistance in solving difficulties that family faces.

Professionals of the Center also work with child’s parents. Families attend psychological consultations and classes and learn methods of interaction with a child, positive upbringing and development of children, prevention of violence. Through games, children and parents easier perceive their difficulties, learn to overcome obstacles and find alternative solutions, show flexibility and tolerance.

Center “Smile” works 5 days a week from 10.00 to 16.00 at the address: Odessa, st. Sofievskaya, 10. For questions about enrolling a child or helping the Center, please call tel. (068) 777-20-76.


Our kids love to play and learn. You can help to purchase stationery, books and new toys and bring more smiles to our children’s faces:



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