Open Doors Community Center

It’s no secret that teenagers left without care and attention easily succumb to temptations. Have sex early, try drugs, alcohol, cigarettes. Addiction quickly appears, the environment changes, then health and psyche are destroyed, the risk of infection, including HIV, is high.

The guys are drawn into a dangerous street lifestyle, skip school, do not want to return to their families. Many of them have lost the belief that someone needs them. The Open Doors Center helps them get back to their normal lives. The Road Home Foundation has been helping street children since 2000, and during this time has developed effective approaches.

Community Center “Open Doors” work with street youths and drug addicts.

Initially, professionals at the Center check the situation and its causes, then they develop strategy for providing assistance. Then, work with youth begins, where in an unobtrusive form of conversation or games, health care and the consequences of using psychoactive substances are explained, youths learn how to live without drugs, and receive consultations with a psychologist.

Many of the young people come to the Center with diseases, injuries. Doctors conduct examinations, provide first-aid medical assistance, and recommend further examinations, then social workers accompany youths to medical institutions for further tests or treatment.

At the Center youths  are happy to participate in creative and educational games, art therapy classes, and other trainings. The Center has all the conditions for comfortable and active leisure for children, there are areas for studying, dining and showering. Teens can also play board and computer games, read books or watch movies.

Our goals are to motivate youths to return to society, to stop using drugs, to prevent HIV and other dangerous infections, to reduce the level of criminalization in this environment.

Working to prevent domestic violence.

The goal of the professionals at the Center is to help the families overcome the crisis, prevent abuse and child homelessness.

The Open Doors Center systematically works with at risk families: discussions are held on violence prevention, a self-help group for mothers are created, counseling, help and assistance are available for the treatment of addictions. Parents are helped with employment, and youths with access to education. The Center’s lawyer advises, helps to draw up documents for different institutions, provides support in resolving conflict situations, helps in applications for reissuing of documents.

Teens that visit the Open Doors Center develop a growing desire to learn new things, to communicate, to find their place in society. Youths behavior changes for the better, they want to continue education at school, or further education at professional school or college, or want to find a job. Over time, they thoughtfully and seriously begin to think about their future life.

Center “Open Doors” works 5 days a week from 10.00 to 17.00 at the address: Odessa, st. Kolontaevskaya, 46. For visiting or helping the Center, please call tel. (068) 777-20-76.

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