Childhood Colors

On February the 6th a dancing group of the Foundation “The Way Home” – “Maximum”, took part in the National Dance Festival “Childhood Colors” that was held in Odessa Jewish cultural center “Beit Grand”.

Dance studio of “Maximum” dancing group in OCF “The Way Home” operates for 9 years, since 2007. During the rehearsals and performances of the dancing group about 200 boys and girls attended these classes – including pupils and friends of the Foundation.
During the time of its existence, under a qualitative guidance of choreograph Oksana Maximenko and the dancing group, took participation in different cultural performances such as dancing competitions, performances in thematic concerts in different institutions of education, city festivals and of course concerts of “The Way Home” Foundation. By the way, most of charity kids, after a participation in dancing group “Maximum”, have continued to have class dances on more high level and few of them even became choreographs and have engaged their life with this craft.
On February the 6th, dancing group “Maximum” have taken participation in Ukrainian wide dancing festival that was held within the walls of European cultural center “Beit Grand”. Dance performance “Brazil” that was organized by the girls of the dance groups aroused a great interest of festival jury and auditory that filled the whole hall.
Oksana Maksimenko, choreograph of the dancing group remarked that: “In general all the girls danced well. Of course there’s no limit to perfection, it will be always found such moments that demand more hard work. But for the actual moment for us, the most important is – participation. The participated girls didn’t only dance but also saw other levels of dances of other dancing groups, communicated with peers and had a good time.”
The result of dancing festival – Cup and diploma awards of the III level.
Participants of the dancing group “Maksimum” shared their impressions from the festival.
Anya: I like the festival very much. A lot of different dancing groups were shown here various dances that were interesting to be overmatched.
Nastya: honestly, we could show much better, but we were too much excited. In addition to it everybody waited the show while long preview of the stage so it also have played its role. All in all I liked everything.
Also, we would like to remark that dancing group has already started to prepare the next dancing show for following participation of dancing festival “Childhood Colors” that will be organized in April.

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