Children from “Rostok” Center were given a LEGO present

November 30, 2017, children from the Center for the IDP children “Sprout”, were welcoming Andrey Kovrov, the head of the “Familniy Dom” company, who gave them a present – a Lego corner for constructing and modeling.

Each child, who is attending the Center, can now play with Lego constructing kit at the special table, mounted in the room of the center.

«Pieces of art, as well as family, friendship and love contain of different aspects, different details. Putting efforts in order to set the details together – one can attain the beautiful results in life. There is no whole and complete happiness or a completely great child – we have to grow it and construct it day-by-day. I hope this small gift can become one of the steps towards these goals», – Dmitry Kovalyov said.

The children were very happy and expressed their gratitude to the head of “Familnyi Dom” company for the beautiful present, and presented the gust their handmade pottery presents.

Later the children shared their impressions on the LEGO corner they now have/
Kostya, 11: “I love the construstor, thank you very much for presenting us the Lego corner!”
Katya, 9: “I liked the constructor very much. There are so many things that we can make out of it! I will keep coming to the center as often as I can!
Sasha, 12: “I have constructed an airplane and ten helped the children asking a house. I like Lego very much and happy we can have it as a gift now!”


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