Children from the Fund said goodbye to the summer camp

The summer camp for the children from the “Way Home” charity fund came to an end on the 18th of August. Today children came back to Odessa and started preparing for the new school year that starts at the beginning of September.

Children already have settled in their rooms within the Fund building – where they used to stay during the school year. The slowly come back to the “Big Family” shelter schedule and start to meet the autumn, although it is still warm outside.
“I am getting prepared for the school year. – says Yaroslava. I was given the school backpack, notebooks, pen and pencils. And the record book of course. This year I will have a lot of book, because it is already the 5th grade for me”. I wish summer never go, but the 1st of September is soon and I will meet all my classmates and share my summer impressions with them”.
Roma, 13, is sharing his thoughts: “The camp was great, it was also fun. We went swimming, played games, and sports. Also, we were studying a bit – not to forget the school program. It is indeed much nicer to study below the tree on the fresh air, then sitting in a class. One more week and the summer is finished.”

The summer camp vacation for the “Way Home” children and teenagers from the crisis families and families in difficult life circumstances, as well as the IDP families from the war territories of Ukraine is being organized already for 11 years in a raw.

Nastya and Yulia, the youngest children from the Fund, are saying that they really want to go back to school: “We are given the uniform and the backpacks so we are really looking forward to attend the school. We will tell the classmates about the camp and the great time that we had during the summer”.
Bogdan, 12,  is new in the Fund, he only is getting to know everything here, in the shelter, where he came right after the camp. “Everything is so new for me here, I only get acquainted to everything. In the camp I could find friends from the shelter and now they help me to settle down here. I am already registered at school, and now I just have to go there and find my new classmates”.
Jenya, 14,  says that the last summer month she had spent with her Женя, 14 лет, говорит, что последний месяц лета провела у родителей. “I was in the camp during the first half of it. Then I went to the village, where my parents live. The other children told me how the second half of the camp went, as well as about the goodbye celebration”.
The summer is over and the school year is up to come. We all hope that the summer camp of the “Way Home” camp was effective and good for the health and wellbeing of the children. The children will remember the camp for the whole year!

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