Children from the Odessa Charity Foundation “The Way Home” went to school.

The hot summer vanished fast and the fall started. On the 1 of September the school year starts in Ukraine. The first call in schools is announcing that the new school year had started and is inviting children to start the year. Children of the Foundation have mixed feelings about the event: they want the summer time to go on, and at the same time they are up to see their school-friends and discuss the summer events together and to start studying again.

On September 1, 2016, the OCF “The Way Home ” had sent its 27 children to school! It is the biggest number of children from the Center that ever went to school! Most of these children will go to the 8th grade – 6 children. The rest of children will go to grades 2, 5, 7, 9 and 10 – three children in each class. 2 children will go to the 1st and 11th grades, and 1 children will go to the 4th and 6th grades.  Apart from this 2 boys will go to colleges: for Andrei Gasnash it will be the last year in a navy college and for Karim Zerman it will be the first year of the professional studies. 
Also we would like to mark that there are 7 children who have been a part of “he Way Home” programs and this year become the school children – they went to the 1st grade. They are no more active at the early development centers “Sunrise” and “Smile”, but our doors are always open for them!  We want to hope that the coming school year will be successful for the childrens studies as well as the good behavior year. The stuff of the Foundation will keep helping children to reach new horizons in their studies and hope that even the most difficult children will become the full-value members of the society!

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