Children from the “Way Home” celebrated St. Nikolas Day.

December 19, 2017, the celebration of a St. Nikolas day, one of the days, children love the most. On the day, children write letters to St. Nicolas, in which they wish happiness to their families, recall their good and bad actions and also ask the saint to send them a present, which they usually find under their pillow.

Children from the Fund were behaving good all year, were participating in kind activities, so the representatives of  St. Nicolas came to visit them on that day.

First guest was Mikhail Trostyanetski, the head of the «Acting C.A.M.P.U.S.» Creative Space. For several months, the visitors of the «Acting C.A.M.P.U.S.» were collecting clothes for the children, toys and money to buy food for the children of the “Way Home” Fund. Several events were also organized by the «Acting C.A.M.P.U.S.» in order to collect money for the charity needs. All of these things Mikhail bought to the Fund on Friday, Dec. 15, and on Monday Dec. 18 the group os adults and children from the city gymnasium №7 came to greet the children of the Fund with New Year Holidays.  They brought sweets, warm socks and table games as presents.  We would like to thank parents and teachers of the gymnasium for their help to organize the event. Ourspecial thanks fly to Gerasimova Irina and the parents of class 8g and 9a (and their class-master Yanina Belous), to Natalia Belous and her family, to Svetlana Rozhkova and her family, and of course to the Principle of the gymnasium, Svetlana Melnik and all the teachers of the establishment as well as the company “Tango Jeans”!

On Monday evening, we received visitors from the “Mria” gymnasium, which for over 10 years, help the “Way Home” with New Year presents. This year the representatives of the gymnasium cane to us together with the deputy principle Leonid Mikhnevich and presented the children warm clothes, toys, fruits and sweets.

Dear friends, thank you very much for your help to the “Way Home” Foundation, our children and young people living in difficult life circumstances. Only with common efforts we can achieve our goals!


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