Children from the “Way Home” played a soccer game with the tem of the BIIR engineering company.

On Monday, October 30, 2017, the junior soccer players from the “Way Home” soccer team called “Brownie” played a friendly-match with the staff of the BIIR engineering company from Denmark.

The “Brownie” won the game with the score 9:8. The representatives of the company often visit the Fund and the children, staying there. The children took the soccer game very serious and tried their best to play well – and really showed the good score! But the main result of the meeting was the strengthening of the friendship between the children and the BIIR company!

The “Brownie” soccer team was created within the “Way Home” Foundation in 2008Since then, over 200 children played in the team – both, boys and girls, living in difficult life circumstances. The main goal of the team – the social adaptation of the children and youth living in crisis, by involving them in soccer.

After the game the young players shared their impressions.

Orkhan, the captain of the “Brownie”: “It was interesting to try and play with the fully adult team. We knew that no one would hit us or be harsh on us, but at the same time we did not want the adult partners to play weak”.

Beso, the defender: “Twice I could not hit the gates, but playing against adults was not easy. They played with the full power, defending themselves when we were attacking. We are glad by the way the game went”.

Valik, a team player: “We hit 9 goals today, and could have made more, but a few times we missed a bit and hit the gates. The adults were not playing weak, and it made us be very concentrated. It was not easy. I have never played against the adult team, but then I overcame my feelings and it went well”.

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