Children from the “Way Home” saw “The Sparrow”

April 2, 2017, the children from the “Way Home” Odessa Charity Foundation attended the theater play “The Sparrow”.

The Humor Day and the celebration of it for the children of the “Way Home” were intense and lasted for 2 days. On April 1, the children from poor and crisis families visited the play of the Kharkov Theater of absurd, the play called “The Sparrow”. The attendance of the children from the “Way Home” at the event became possible by the support of the director of “The Sparrow” Alexander Serdyuk, who have reserved the seats for the children of the Foundation.
Children were happy, because they could not only watch the play, but also to take some part in it. After the play finished, the children shared their impressions.

Andrey, 9: “I really loved it! For a long time I gave not laughed so much. One actor even came to me once and shook my hand!”
Orkhan, 14: “At first I did not get what was going on, but when I understood, I was laughing so much, each joke made me laugh. Then really close to me the doll fell out from the balcony, at first I thought it was a human, but then we got that it was a part of the jokes of the show”.

Yaroslava, 11:”I already went to the theater, but only for small children. Here it was much more interesting and fun and Im looking forward to see “The Sparrow” again, next time when they all come to Odessa”.
On behalf of the children and the stuff of the “Way Home” Charity Foundation, we would like to thank the administration and the actors team of the Inarod Theater for the possibility to organize the visit of the Foundation children to your play!

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