Children from the “Way Home” we learning to develop their leader’s qualities.

On February 17, 2017, the children from the “Way Home” took place in the training on developing their leader’s qualities. The event was lead by the psychologists of the “Way Home” Foundation and the charity organization «This Child Here».

During the training, the children learned the communication skills. The children got to know what helps to maintain the relations between the people, how to learn to trust people and what qualities the leader has. Apart from the knowledge given during the theoretical part of the training, the children took part in the practical part – they were gaining experience during the exercises.
Natalia Slyusarenko, the psychologist of “This Child Here” said: “The children learned that taking responsibility is not so easy. That being a leader means taking responsibility and getting to know and respect the needs of every person from the group. Children learned to maintain the relations within the group in a polite and trustful way. During a game they have learned and experienced what it means to be in a leading position”.
After the training has finished, the children shared their experiences.
Nika, 15: “It was very interesting. I have learned a lot. I am grateful to the trainers for the experience that they shared with us”.
Roma, 16: “I took part in different trainings, but this is the first one with such a theme. I think that the understanding that I have gained will work for me in the future”.
Oleg, 13: “There were a lot of interesting exercises that helped us to see the qualities that are necessary for the leader. I have understood that anyone can become a leader, but one has to do a lot to become one”.
Jenya, 14:  “Actually, to become a leader – is not an easy thing at all. It is not only about working on oneself, but also to e able to find a common language with the team. And that is a real task”.

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