Children from the “Way Home” will take part in shooting the trailer of the feature film.

September 13, 2017, Ralph Breidel, the German film director, visited “Way Home” and invited children of the Fund to take part in shooting the trailer to his feature film «Without Stopping».

The film speaks about a young journalist, making a material on the children, living on the streets of Odessa. According to the script, she is meeting with the people, selling children on organs and how human beings stand against it. The film director was looking for the children to act in the film as secondary actors and found the “Way Home”, the Fund that is providing social services for the children and youth in difficult life situations, including the street children. During his visit Ralph had talked to the children of the Fund, and the children were happy to agree to participate in film production. The director described the character he needs for his feature film.
«One of the scenes will show the memories of the main character on the time she spent with the street children at the abandoned factory. Here we will shoot you, — said the director to the children of the Fund. – I am sure you will play it well, since you have a theatrical experience. And once you have questions you can always ask us, we are always ready to help».
Ralph Breidel  chooses the “Way Home” because 7 years ago he was visiting Ukraine and got to know the Fund.

 «I was deeply impressed by the work that is done by the “Way Home” towards the children in difficult life circumstances. That is why I am coming to you again», – Ralph noted.

The main actress of the film is Annika Schrampf, a very famous German actress of the last years. In the coming November it is planned to shoot the trailer of the film and in 2018 the film will start to be shooting.

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