Children of “The Way Home” visited Christmas Fair

On Christmas Eve, in the municipal garden Odessa city was opened fair, during which the municipal garden has turned into a real town of Bethlehem. Kids of the Foundation “The Way Home” visited this fair and received gifts in the framework of social Ukrainian program “Collect gift for an orphan.”

During Christmas time, Odessa municipal garden has become a real town of Bethlehem. It was possible to meet any personage from ancient time such as: merchant and fisherman, Roman centurion in full dress and even King Herod. In the cowshed were – Mary and Joseph with the newborn Jesus. The promoters of the program have set an “Ukrainian village” and Santa’s House.
Kids of “The Way Home” (children and adolescents from the crisis and low-income families, and children from families of internally displaced persons from the war zone) attended the event – visited all parts of the fair, received gifts that were collected in the framework of the program “Collect gift for an orphan “, organized by charity fund “Good Samaritan. ” The guys showed amateur fabulous performance on the Christmas themes and then seated at the festive table with traditional Christmas dishes. At the end of the event, all children received Christmas presents collected by Odessa citizens that are indifferent to children’s issues.
It is important to mention that during two days of festivities, the promoters of the events have presented more than 2,000 gifts to children and teenagers from orphanages, boarding schools, crisis and low-income families of Odessa.
Kids of “The Way Home” shared their impressions of the visit of the fair.
Vitalik, 12 years old: I really liked this fair! There were a lot of people in costumes, interesting decorated rooms where the action was taking place. Thank you for the gift that I have received.
Nastya, 16 years old: It was very cold, but in spite of that we have enjoyed very much. All performances, refreshments and hospitality of the people to us and the other children – whole this was incredible!
Yaroslav, 7 years old: At the fair was a real corral with sheep, they were allowed to pat, but they do not want to be touched. I also liked the place where Jesus was born, it was done very real.! 
Mariam, 14 years old: Very pretty fair. It was so desirable to observe each detail for long time, but it was very cold, so we were moving very quickly to keep warm. But I had a chance to see a lot and to talk to people. It was great that there were good people who organized all of it for us and other children.
Andrew, 6 years old: I saw so many interesting things at this fair! There were people in costumes, animals, tasty treats! I also got a gift! Thank for all good people!

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