Children’s Club

At the opening ceremony of the Rotary Club Odessa International, the Odessa Way Home Charitable Foundation presented a new partnership project “Children’s Club” aimed at socializing children from families with difficult life circumstances.


The opening itself of the Rotary Club Odessa International took place in the luxurious interiors of the Londonskaya Hotel.

Obviously, representatives of the Odessa Way Home Foundation could not miss the opportunity to congratulate the partner organization on such a wonderful event. Besides, the Rotary Club Odessa International with the Foundation initiated the “Children’s Club” project at the event. The goal of the project is the social integration of children from crisis families.

It is known that people from families with difficult life circumstances usually are victims of social exclusion for different reasons. In the most part of cases, this is a consequence of discrimination based on a social status. Such a social rejection of children from crisis families leads to their inner isolation, and sometimes aggression towards the world around them.

The “Children’s club” project sets itself the task of conducting a series of events that will make children feel involved in the society’s processes and believe they can have a comfortable place in the social system.

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