Children’s Day!

Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” congratulated his students with the International Children’s Day.

International Children’s Day is celebrated annually on the first day of summer on 1st of June. Pupils and friends of the Foundation call this holiday as one of most beloved holiday. During this holiday for children is always organized a variety of fun activities, trips to concerts and to Dolphinarium, sweet buffets and more.
Determined not to extend away from long traditions of “Way Home”, with the support of indifferent local habitants for children problems from Odessa organized for kids a great holiday.
I would like to say a few warm words to Foundation friends – the staff members of Odessa gymnasium №7 (director – Svetlana Melnik) that for several years helped actively to organize activists of “Way Home” and events for children. Gifts and “sweet buffets” for pupils of the Foundation – is exactly and only the merit of pupils of the 7th grade (class teacher – Yanina Belous) and PTA (Representative – Svetlana Datsenko).
Entertainment program was prepared by actors from animator agency “Puss in Boots” for children from “Large Family” shelter and children of pre-school age who visit centers of early development “Smile” and “Sunrise”, Children together with their favorite characters from different cartoons sang, danced, played games.
After outdoor activities, children were invited to “sweet buffet” and then each child received a gift.
For certain to say that a holiday dedicated to International Children’s Day in “Way Home” was a really successful holiday. All children received gifts, attended celebration concert, but most important – they felt and understood that other people care about them and always will be able to get help. It is the most important thing.

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