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Community Center for the injective drug addicts “Trust” (transl. “trust”) was organized in 2005 under the support of the ICF “Society Health Alliance”. Now the Center is acting within a program of prophylactics of HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Disorders (STD), hepatitis viruses and tuberculoses – among the injective drug addicts. The other activity of the Center is providing medical and social services for the mentioned group of clients and to influence the change in their addictive and sexual behavior towards the more healthy and safe ways.
For over 10 years the Center becomes the base for the number of various research, prophylactic and social projects and activities – creating a high interest and trust among the mentioned group of clients. The Centers of the Foundation “Way Home” is successively functioning in the city of Odessa and in Odessa region (The towns of Chernomorsk, Belgorod-Dnestrovki and Ismail)

Our services:
-Distributing and replacing syringes
-Distributing condoms and alcohol-pads;
-Express-testing on HIV/AIDS and virus types of hepatitis;
-Forwarding to the urgent medical therapy centers, replacement therapy, antiviral therapy.
-Forwarding the client to the laboratory diagnostic centers, TB Dispansery, Dermatological dispancery and the City Center of HIV/AIDS prophylactics Center.
-Consulting on the questions of the safer lifestyle and behavior;
-Providing an access to the Perabilitological programs and social adaptation projects;
-Paramedical service
-Distributing informational materials: booklets, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, guidebooks on the topics of reducing injections dangers, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and STD prophylactics and support;
-Legal, psychological and other types of Counseling;
-Medical help: bounding and primal screening;
-Counseling “ peer-to-peer” on decreasing risky/victim behavior (individual on the phone);
-Counseling co-dependent persons on decreasing the risky/victim behavior (individual on the phone);
-Library and video-library;
-Teaching PC-skills;
-Providing volunteer work;
-Organizing and spending leisure;
-Mutual aid society for women with injectable-drugs users;
-Outreach activities (trainings, master-classes, seminars).

Detailed information on the Community Center “Trust” can be received on: – + 38(0482) 32-54-11

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