Countering the violence agains the children. Day two.

The second day of the Ukrainian seminar, organized by Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” under the financial and technical support of INSPIRE Fund и Ignite Philanthropy, opened the project “Improving the system of violence against children prevention, based on the INSPIRE strategies» – went on discussing the problems of the violence against children and learning the INSPIRE strategies to counter the problem.

The participants – representatives of the state social institutions and NGOs kept on learning the INSPIRE strategies and activities to fight the violence on any level.

INSPIRE – is a complex of strategies actions that can be used by anyone willing to counter the violence against children and youth – starting from the government and its institutions, and even the single people or private companies.

The set of activities includes: enactment and following the laws, changing the norms and social values, forming the safe environment, supporting the parents and the teachers of the children, increasing income and the economical state of people, supporting the work of the reacting services and services of the social support, increasing the education level and maintaining the social skills.

The last year statistics says that during the year over 1 bln of children faced physical, sexual or psychological violence.

During the second day of the seminar the following INSPIRE strategies were presented:

Strategy 4. The support of the parents and teachers. Social programs for the developing of the parental skills.

Strategy 5. Increasing the income of the population and the economical level of people as a factor of the violence risk.

Strategy 6. Actions on the social reaction and support to the victims of the violence.

Strategy 7. Teaching and learning the life skills. The practice of the social work with the children within the educational establishments.

At the end of the seminar the participants expressed gratitude to the organizers of the seminar, noting the importance of the problem of countering the violence against the children. The participants also said that they will indeed implement the knowledge of the INSPIRE strategies to their everyday work.



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