Distribution of a street newspaper

Starting from 2003, Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” is issuing and distributing the street newspaper also called “Way Home”. 
The newspaper is being distributed on the streets of the city by “vendors”  – the distributors living in difficult life circumstances. Selling newspapers for them is mostly the only way for a legal earning.

The main aim of the paper is bringing homeless people back to the society. We do not want them standing with their hand asking for the money or walking the crime path. Instead, the publishing team believes that the best way to make these people raise again is to provide them the possibility to earn the money.

The other countries experience shows that this way of help to the poor and homeless people, when the people are also active in making their own earnings, is proven to be the most effective way to help them overcome crisis. One can become a distributor of the newspaper if he doesn’t not have an official registration I the city, does not live in one place or a proper place, cannot attain a regular job. We strictly follow these terms while choosing the distributors. Also, it is important that the person has a sincere wish to attain a normal lifestyle level and a social status.

The “Way Home” newspaper is a member of an International Net of the Street Press (INSP) that includes more than 50 editions all over the world, supporting the same values as us.


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