Drug addiction

Drug dependency – is a complex disease that manifests in the pathological addiction to the narcotic substances. The disease has a long history and is quite difficult to manage. Only a few can manage throughout the life.

The premises of the disease
There a several mail reasons for the addiction to appear and follow. The main one is the general unsatisfaction, when the person is missing something essential in his life. This state can appear very early in childhood. Nothing seems to bring satisfaction and the person starts to search for the other new sensations that can satisfy him. In most of the cases drugs subjectively give the person wishful sensations.
The other big reason for the future drug dependency are the upbringing deficiencies, because it is the childhood when the main values of live are being inculcated. Children from difficult families as well as children with drug addicted parents are obviously a part of the risk group to become drug dependent. The lack of the emotional interaction with a child as well as a lack of the attention to his needs may lead to the psychological crisis and the development of the dependencies, incl. the drug dependency.
Drug dependency is a disease. There are 2 main kind of the dependency: physical and psychological dependency.

Psychological dependency from drugs
Psychological dependency on drugs is expressed in the morbid wish to constantly experience pleasureful sensations that are being provoked by the drug. This is also the way for the dependent person to release the stressful tension – by using drugs. Psychological dependency necessarily appears if the drug is being used more than once. But there are personalities for whom psy-dependency starts after a single use of the narcotic substance.
The person tends to change his inner state and sensations through drugs. This is a very severe pathology. The person is becoming obsessed by the drug; his mood becomes suppressed or negative in the absence of a chemical, while after the intake of it the state of a person totally changes – he becomes happy and uplifted. Often the person cannot suppress his desire for drug and does everything to get the addictive substance. This type of behavior can be marked as a severe psychological dependency from a drug.

Physical dependency from drugs
The physical dependency from drugs is much more severe then psychological. The whole physical body gets involved and affected by a drug intake. All systems of organs are becoming addicted to the narcotic substance and within short time become addicted to the presence of a drug in the body. Physical dependency represents itself in the forms of physical and psychic disorders. The person is constantly obsessed by the wish to get a drug and more or less constantly stays in a state of a drug
In the periods of the absence of drug in the body the person feels depressed, and all systems of his body work with intermissions that only depart while the drug is in the body again. The abstention syndrome represents itself differently in different cases. It is important to know that not all of the drugs create specifically physical dependency. Strong physical dependency is created by the opiates, the derivatives of cannabis, ephedrine. Medicine also describes the tolerance to the addictive drugs which means that with each intake the dose of the drug in order to get high.

The list of the most common addictive drugs:
Poppy Straw;
Liquid opium extract;
Dezomorphin and others.

Crack cocaine;
Methamphetamine crystal (powder);
Methamphetamine Pervitin (liquid);
Methcathinon (Jeff);
Methilendioksimethamfetamin (Extasy) and others.

Psylocin and psylocibin (Mushrooms);
Salts and others.
Clue, paints, petrol, dissolvents etc.

Signs of the drug addiction
The early drug addiction if very hard to get identified. Sometimes even very experienced doctors cannot define the early drug addiction in a person, while the experienced drug addict can be easily defined among others. Sometimes the persons looks very well and you would never suspect an addiction.

Signs of an experienced addict are:
Unemotional gaze;
Very wide or very narrow eye balls independently on the amount of light;
Long sleeves even during summer;
Untidy look – dry hair, swollen arms, black broken teeth;
The back is bent forward;
Slow and unclear speech;
Slow and unclear movements, no smell of alcohol;
Often replying in high voice tone or with irritation.
Traces of injections on the arms and also often all over the body wherever the veins are. Some of the addicts make injections even in the scalp of the head. Sometimes multiple injection traces create large swollen red islands o the body.

How to define the drug dependency in a teenager?
Teens very often become the victims of a drug abuse. One should study the behavior of a child very carefully. If you are attentive enough to your child you cannot really miss the change in him created by the misuse of addictive drugs.
The child starts hiding something, withdraw himself from others, keeping the same relations with family. One escapes from home in the unusual times.
Changing in his sleeping schedule.
The child looses the interest to school and studies, as well as his hobbies. Children often skip school classes without a reason and cannot give an explanation.
They start being less successful at school.
One can catch the behavioral change: the child behaves like drunk but no evidence of alcohol intake is there.
Childrens’ need for money increases. Sometimes things or goods escape from the house.
Strange people start surrounding the child. The child may have a need to stay close to one of these strange new people.
Mood changed can be witnessed.
And of course one can find the traces from injections on his body.

The influence of the drugs on the body
It essencial to remember that the effect of the drugs upon the body is very harmful. Cardiovascular system and heart receive the most of the harm from addictive substances: weak pulse and low blood pressure are common for drug addicts. This causes the lack of oxygen in the body, the hypoxia is being developed that leads to the worth metabolism and nourishing of the organs. Heart becomes very weak and ages very fast. Many addicts die from the cardiac impairment.

The effect of drugs on the digestive system is also very strong. The person looses appetite, sometimes they stop eating at all. The process of digestion is also decreases its effectiveness. Low laxation does not allow the necessary digestive substances to be absorbed into the blood stream. Most often the person suffers from constipation and abdominal pains. Liver suffers a lot from any type of drugs since its main function is to clear the blood from the toxins. It is very easy to come to a cirrhosis of liver.
Long-term drug abuse creates the low sexual drive and the loss of interest to the opposite sex. Impotence is also a common symptom of the drug addicted man. Several types of drugs are able to influence the genetics of the person. For instance, LSD is able to chance some rows of chromosomes, that is why so many LSD-dependants are having disabled children: the first portion of LSD is enough to forget about the healthy brood.

If the drug is being inhaled, lungs take the worth effect. Marihuana, for instance, has much more harmful elements and resins then the leaves of tobacco. Inhalers have problems with bronchitis, and find themselves under a very high risk of having the lung cancer. If the person uses the newspaper to roll the weed, it adds more chemicals to it, including lead. Pneumonia is also very common for inhalers.

Children and youth addiction is a worth phenomenon, since children tend to have faster and stronger dependencies due to their still growing and partly unstable psyche. Children and young people tend to develop serious psychiatric diseases including feeble-minding.

The moral destruction as a result of an addiction of children follows up much faster than in cases of an adult addiction.
Physical development of a child and a teenager lowers down, their height and weight are usually staying below the averages for their age.
Drug dependency of a very big thread for humans. The minority of people can survive the dependency and drop it.

Before you decide to try something out of curiosity – think about the consequences!

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