Internally Displaced Persons Assistance

Since the beginning of military actions in Ukraine, Odessa has become one of those cities that have taken upon itself a large part of IDPs from Crimea and area of ATO. Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” is directly involved in assistance of IDPs from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and Crimea. Beginning from June 2014 Foundation gives accommodation for specified organized groups of children and families with children, providing them with food and other necessities.

At first, all services for IDPs were concentrated in “Large Family” shelter (on Sofievskaya str.10.) – All rooms were equipped with extra beds, special efforts were provided for nourishment, delivery of shoes was organized, clothes and hygiene kits were spread.  When flow of IDPs has increased, “Way Home” has taken the decided to establish two additional centers for internally displaced persons from war zone. By this way, work of “Kuyalnik” Center of Education and Leisure has started (located in “Kuyalnik” resort, where displaced families live) and daily center “Sprout”, has opened on basis of social hostel for IDPs (on Krasnaya str.11.). 

For expansion of work with children and adolescents from internally displaced families, “Way Home” Foundation has opened two more centers – “Kuyalnik” and “Sprout.”

The primary task of these centers – are psychological and social rehabilitation and adaptation of children from internally displaced families from war zone. In these centers, mentors, psychologists, art therapists provide their services. In “Kuyalnik” center are conducted free sessions of professional massage therapist. Foundation always attract children and adolescents from internally displaced families to different rehabilitation and educational programs in other centers. For youngest children, there are children centers of education and art such as, “Smile” and “Sunrise”, and teenagers are involved in programs implemented in frames of work of daily center “Open Doors” and Center for education and leisure “Bridge to Future.” Children are admitted into secondary schools; in Foundation, they  can attend classes of choreography, art therapy, pottery  football. In same time, “Way Home” also assists internally displaced adults from war zone. All centers offer social, juridical, psychological and educational services and social support.


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