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It is quite hard to keep the children’s department of the Foundation “The Way Home” to operate only by ourselves. That’s why the Foundation is applying for help to all the people who care about children and youth who appear to be in difficult life circumstances.

On September 22. 2016, Yuri Kushnerov, a businessman, had financed the Foundation to buy 10 mattresses and 10 pillows for the children.  Yuri Kushnerov is helping the Foundation already for 6 years.

Also, for the learning purposes children are in constant need of the school supplies. Recently the company “Korall” and the internet-shop “Toys7” had provided the children the necessary notebooks, pencils and pens as well as the other school supplies. It was the first act of help from the “Korall” company, while the internet-shop “Toys7”  Отметим, что ООО «Коралл» только познакомился с деятельностью «Дороги к Дому», и впервые оказал помощь детям, а интернет-магазин is cooperating with the Foundation for over 3 years.

On behalf of the children and the administration of the “The Way Home” Foundation, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the sponsors!Only with common efforts we can attain the meaningful results on the path of helping children and youth in difficult life situations

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