IDP-women spoke on creating and sustaining their own small business.

IDP women suffered from the home-violence came to the meeting with Natalia Malovik, the IDP from Donbass, who had won the grant on opening her business. The meeting took place in frames of the project “Mobilization of the IDP-women against home and gender violence”, that is being held by the “Way Home” Charity Foundation. . The project is financed by the EU and supported by “Convictus Ukraine”.

Moving to Odessa in 2014, Natalia meet many difficulties getting employed. Being a psychologist, it was not easy for her to find a job. Then she decided to apply for the small business grant for the ID people from the war territories of Ukraine.

Since she was small, Natalia liked to sew – so there were no doubts on the topic of her future business. Natalia had won the grant and started to inhabit her sewing office to make leather clothes and accessories. In parallel to this, she went on business courses. In March 2017, she had won another grant for the development of the small business, that allowed her to buy the professional equipment and to rent a bigger place. Now Natalia Malevich has her brand called “Malovichka”.

During the meeting, Natalia described to their guests the details of creating one’s own business. In addition, she leaded the master-class for the women on creating the leather accessories. After that, she answered the questions on her project.

One of the participants shared her impressions on the meeting:”This kind of meetings is very important. We have learned the details of organizing small business. I get a lot of motivation and enthusiasm after the meeting. As far as I know, starting from the mid of august we can apply for the applications for the project”.

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