If you want to help a child – help his caretaker

The set of trainings for the specialists working with the children in difficult life situations  of “The Way Home” Foundation took place in June 6-7 and June 28-29, 2016

The trainings took place within the ICDP (International Children Development program), which aim is to increase the quality of care for the children from the risk groups.
In frames of the mentioned trainings the following topics were touched:

– Individual work with the child, using the 8 principals of the positive interaction

– Family counseling aiming to discover strong and weak points in the interrelations between the parent and the child.

– Individual counseling of the parents aiming to develop their relations with the children.

The trainings were lead by the members of the “East-Ukrainian Art Therapy Association”: Sergey Krasin (psychologist, president of the “Association of the children and family psychologists of Ukraine”), Anna Trukhan (psychologist, the president of ICDP Ukraine) The attendants of the trainings were the specialists of the Children Department of the “Way Home” Foundtation, who constantly work with children in difficult life situation. Also there were the  attendants from «Мamele pentru Viaţa» (Moldova). Everyone were satisfied with the level of knowledge given at the training, also the high quality of work f the specialists of the “Way Home” was noticed and stated. Especially the work with children and teenagers from difficult families and the IDP families from the regions of the military actions in Ukraine was noticed as a remarkable. Foreign representatives from Moldova noted their deep interest in building the cooperation between them and the Foundation and expressed the hope for the further cooperation between the companies.

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