Karitas Soccer Cup-2018

June 2, 2018, the soccer team of the Odessa Charity Foundation “The Brownie” took part in the National street-soccer championship “Katitas Cup”. The Cup is organized for the teams composed from the children and youth living is difficult life situations. This year the Cup took place in Kiev on Viktor Bannikov stadium. 

The young players played three games in the round competition. Despite playing quite well, the team from Odessa could not enter the semi-final. But still it was the successful competition for thre team – it won one game and also did not miss a single ball!

The winner of the Cup of 2018 was a “Karitas Kamennaya” team. The special guests of the Opening ceremony f the Cup were: Oleg Protasov, the Vice-president of the Ukrainian soccer Federatio; The vice minister of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Alexander Yarem; the President of “Karitas Ukraine” Andrei Vaskovich, the member of the Kiev Council Yulia Loban.

«The Karitas Cup» was established in 2016 году
. The first Cup contained the five teams from the five cities of Ukraine. In the present Cup gathered over 110 children from 11 teams: «Karitas» (Brody, Lviv region), «Karitas-Donetsk» (Dnepropetrovsk region), «Kremennaya» (Lugansk region), «Brownie» (Odessa region), «Podolski Legion» (Khmelnitskaya region), «Ternovoe polye» (Ternopol region), «Karitas Kamenskoye» (Dnepropetrovsk region), «Stanichnik» (Lugansk region), «Katitas Kiev».

All teams are composed from the children living in difficult life situation. The Cup is a volunteer project of “Karitas Ukraine” that was started and until now is organized by Iirina Pukhnyak, the manager of the project “The mobile work with youth in Ukraine”.





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