Kids of the Foundation “The Way Home” played a New Year’s performance

For many years, in New Year’s Eve, kids and staffs of the Foundation organize a New Year performance.
At the end of 2015, spectator saw the play “Christmas broadcast.”

Performance “New Year’s Eve – Live” tells the story of a small television channel that “due to” certain circumstances remains the only New Year’s broadcast translator for the whole country. As an emergency – TV staff are staying to work during Christmas holidays but they have not enough of representatives so they invite unconnected to the TV-work, people, despite all the problems and difficulties, the team of TV cannot cope with the task.
According to tradition, in New Year’s performances of “The Way Home” involves both pupils and staff of the Foundation. All together they prepare a playscript, create decorations, costumes and props. The play turned out into very interesting and bright show, and the audience, which were in the small hall of «The Way Home» center, were applauding whole long of the performance.

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