Last school bell ring!

May 25, 2017, the school year for the Fund children had finished. For some of the children it has come the last school ring – their last year f school came to an end. For some children – it is just another school year is gone.

This school year was the most successful for the whole history of the Fund^ 24 children of the Fund (children in difficult life situations) were going to the city school N105.

It was a first school year for the two girls: Masha and Julia.

The second school year for Nastya and Andrey.

The 5th school year for the group of children: Vlad, Diana, Andrei, Angelina

The 6th year for Roma and Maxim.

The 7th year for Valik, Roma and Elvira.

The 8th year for Orkhan, Ziyad and Oleg.

The 10th year for the sisters – Elvina and Elgun.

The semi-high school graduates are Roma, Zhenya and Rostik – the boys have exams ahead. We hope they will be good to graduate.

The three sisters: Nastya (finished the 4the year), Nika (Finished the 9th year) and Yaroslava (Finished the 11th year of school). Nika is looking forward to enter the college and Nastya, has just completed the high school, is preparing for the university entrance exams


Thank you, children, for the successful studies during this school year!

Thank you to the administration and the teachers of the city school N105 for their involvement into the education of the Foundation children, for their everyday efforts and dedication!

Thank you to the Children’s department of the “Way Home” for the non-stop afterschool activities with the children of the Fund.

Only with the common efforts, our children can become well educated and wonderful people!

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