Let’s make a Holiday for the Children together!

Do you know what the summer starts from? It starts from the most important children’s holiday – International Children’s Protection Day!

The “Way Home” Fund, following the tradition of many years, every year is organizing the various activities and events every year on that day. The events are for the children and youth from the crisis and poor families as well as the families in difficult situations. This year we are planning to create the atmosphere of a bright celebration – and inviting you to join the preparation.

What will be at the celebration?
— Fruits and sweets;
— Balloons and soap bubbles;
— Presents for the summer (swimming mattresses and rafts, badminton sets, soccer and volleyball balls, sand-play toys, etc.)
— Other presents that you would like to present to the child.

What to do if you want to present the gift?
You are welcome to bring the presents to the Fund office at Sofievskaya 10 on May 30 and 31 – before the celebration on June 1.

If you cannot bring the presents, let us know and we will come to you and pick them up. Our phones are: 777-20-76 (office) or 067-753-33-33 (Olga).

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