Let’s Make the Children’s Dreams Come True!

Just before the New Year eve, the representatives of the IT-company «Dowell», the developers of the WeLove application, visited the OCF “Way Home”. The guests got to know the children, organized the “sweet table” for them and presented them New Year gifts.  They talked to the children and got to know their needs. Most of the needs were – the wish to get a good education and to attain good and new knowledge.  That’s how the single visit has been transformed into the project “Children’s Dream”, that will be implemented within the children’s department of the “Way Home” Foundation.

«To make the world kinder – in a difficult task, but it doesn’t mean we should not start right where we are. The application “WeLove” that we develop, is trying to teach people to be kinder and take kind actions.  Childhood is the best time to learn this. That’s why we are starting this project: to show the children in difficult life circumstances the kindness of this world and the good examples of kind people,” – said the manager of the project, Iliya Vorobiev. The main aim of the project – to reveal the creative potential within the children and to direct it into something good. Once a week children from the “Way Home” Foundation will be meeting with representatives of different professions, who will give them master-classes of their field and will carry out the tasks from the WeLove application. The professionals will be: the photographer, the internet-blogger, the artist, an actor – and others.  And this will be just the beginning. In the near future, the Foundation will see many interesting and creative events that will help the children of the Foundation to make their professional and life choices. Any child can take part in the project – they only need to have a wish to develop.

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