Let’s start the new school year together!

Just a few days are left before the new school year starts in September 1. For the good start of the school year, the children of the “Way Home” need school and office supplies, like notebooks, pens and pencils, backpacks and other things.

Each year more children from the “Way Home” go to school. Seventeen children are from the early development centers “Sunrise” and “Smile” that belong to the “Way Home”. In addition to that, 35 children from the “Big Family” shelter will go to schools, 14 children from the drop-in center “Open Doors”, and 28 children from the early development center for the IDP children “Sprout”.  The total number of 94 children will go to school this year from the “Way Home” Foundation centers!

It is quite difficult for the Fund to organize the school supplies for all of the children at the best – just by our own means. We are kindly asking for the support from anybody who cares about the children in difficult life circumstances. Thanks to these kind people, we could always manage to make the beginning of the school year. The list of school supplies that the children need this time:

— Backpacks for the first grade children — 9 boys, 8 girls. 
— Backpacks for the elder children  – 77 pcs.
— Copybooks (lines)12 pages —  150 pcs.
— Copybooks (squares)12, 18, 24 pages —  170pcs. of each kind.
— Copybooks (lines)12, 18, 24 pages —  170pcs. of each kind. 
— Copybook covers —  200 pcs.
— Colored pencils  — 70 boxes.
— Plasticine  — 50 boxes.
— Scissors — 40 pcs.
— Gouache colors — 40 pcs.
— Brushes — 40 pcs.  
— Drawing albums — 60 pcs.
— Colored paper — 20 sets.
— Carton colored and white  —  40 sets each type.
— Blue pens (roll) —  3 sets /50 pcs each.
— Sharpeners — 30 pcs.
— Clue-stick — 50 pcs.  
— Soft penс
il cases — 50 pcs.  
— PVA Clue (200 ml bottle) — 10 pcs.
— Folder for the copybooks  — 30 pcs.

Even one set of copybooks or pens will help us a lot and make our task easier!

Dear friends! If you have a possibility to help the children start the school year, we would be really happy to receive any help and support!



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