Social Agricultural Enterprise Libental Social Agricultural Enterprise Libental
Social Agricultural Enterprise Libental

Social Agricultural Enterprise Libental

It is very important for children and teenagers, especially from vulnerable groups, teaching them work organization, teamwork, and other simple chores and habits that will help them in the future to find work and provide for themselves. The Way Home Foundation uses an innovative approach, attracting it’s charges to participate in the work of an agricultural enterprise.

The farmer social enterprise Libental is the production base of the Foundation and it is located in the village of the same name, 20 km from Odessa.

At the farm in the greenhouses vegetables, freenery and fruits are grown with the help of drip irrigation method. There, the grown products are processed, preserved and sent to the Big Family Center.

In 2019, Foundation opened a social dorm in the building, for young people with difficulties with social adaptation and graduates from the orphanages in the Odessa region. It can house 19 people. The course Young Farmer School was launched, where young people can practice get acquainted with agricultural technologies, product processing and the organization of a farm business. Their mentors work on site around the clock.

Wards of the Foundation - children undergoing rehabilitation at the Big Family Center, regularly travel to the farm. Here they learn to care for plants, to grow fruits and vegetables, cook food and relax in nature.

In addition to training in farming, children acquire many valuable social qualities, become more independent, learn useful skills, re-evaluate the work of adults and see their input as a result. Outdoor activities are also good for their well-being. Teachers try to instill in children an understanding of healthy eating habits and care for the environment.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, some of the children from the Big Family Rehabilitation and Adaptation Center also live in Libenthal. This helped them alleviate the difficulties of forced isolation, establish distance learning and usefully spend time.


, 2016-05-25

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